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Fire Spinning Saturn

December Membership Newsletter

The DooM Rebellion Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 2


            So its been a while since weve made a newsletter. A lot of the time was spent fraggin other Doomers on DooM Connector. OH YEA if you havent heard already, DooM Connector is going down! It may never come back. So we need your help. We need everybody to search the web for FREE WEB SERVERS. PLEASE LOOK! If you find any you can email them to Gherkin at DooM Connector will live. If we dont find another server, well then we thank Gherkin for creating DooM Connector. We havent been here long, but we still had a great time. As for the rest of the Doomers, keep on mappin and fraggin! We will miss everyone on DC. Maybe one day we will all meet again. Anyways, back to the news. If you want to make maps for DooM, download Wad Author. Its the best wad maker available. DooM Builder is cool too, but confusing to use. If you do make maps, send them to Johnathan at Loremaster and I will evaluate the map and post it on the downloads page. TO ALL USERS OF DIALUP: GET BROADBAND!!!!!!!!!! Comcast is a great cable internet service provider. In other news, its been pretty cold here. No snow yet, but there will be some soon! Thats about it for now. Keep on fraggin and may DooM Connector always live!

We may make past editions of the newsletter available to be emailed only to members.